1. Doral (Doral)

Doral is located in Northern Miami-Dade County. According to estimates by nerdwallet, Doral heads the ranking of the best cities for real estate investment in Florida, thanks to its relative affordability, low unemployment and high rates of population growth.   For three years, from 2010 to 2013, the population of the town increased by 14% (it moved to live 6 thousand new residents), as a consequence, the demand for real estate is growing.


  1. Bal Harbour (Bal Harbour)

Tiny town, where only 2 569 residents, with one side washed by the ocean, and on the other hand, the Bay of Biscayne, boasts the most rapid speed with which bought and sold real estate. And this despite the fact that among the 20 most attractive cities in Florida, he's on top of the cost of housing is the average price per square metre is approximately $ 3 660. Despite this, many buyers.


  1. Homestead (Homestead)

Centre Homsteda is located about 14 kilometers from the ocean, adjacent to the towns of Florida city and Leger. Homsteda size is 37.2 km ², of which 0.2 km ² occupy open water space. The city's Airport serves General Aviation Airport, located 7 kilometers. Through the city highway SR 997 and the Homestead Extension of the Florida's Turnpike. Homsteda from easy access to Biscayne National Parks and the Everglades.

The main feature of the town-the soaring property prices, 56% (!) of buildings increased its value over the last decade. However, prices are still one of the most acceptable in the region-$855/sq m on average.


  1. Miami Lakes (Miami Lakes)

Northern suburb of Miami, which, as of 2015, 2010. prroživaet 31 thousand. residents.

Despite the town's lack of access to the ocean, the majority (57%) housing has soared over the last decade, and the number of free falling lately. The average cost per square meter of houses here-$ 1636.


  1. Marianna (Marianna)

The town is located in Jackson County at the North Florida, without going to the ocean and Gulf. In it the cheapest property prices-only $ 656 per square meter. Also, in recent years the town has significantly gained in population količesstve 28% from 2010 to 2013 biennium.


  1. Hialeah Gardens (Haâlia Gardens)

City in Southeastern Florida, with access to the ocean and the number of guests more than 22 thousand. man. Real estate here is sold very quickly, allowing investors to turn their money fairly quickly.


  1. Aventura (Adventure)

The town is located in the North-East of the County of Miami-Dade County, with views of the ocean and the Bay, and the average price of residential property here is $ 2 443. The population of the town is constantly growing-with the 2010, 2011. increase of inhabitants amounted to 7.51%.


  1. Pinecrest

This small suburban town in the South of the County of Miami-Dade County in second place in our rating on real estate value-$ 2 895. Population growth is fairly modest-only 1.54 percent in recent years and the leaders of the city of duaût on its expansion.


  1. Cape Coral (Cape Coral)

This is a city in Lee (Lee County) with a population of 158 thousand. person, in which average real estate prices in third place for accessibility among the cities included in the rating of $ 1033. Actively discussed the future development of the city that have a positive impact on the growth of the value of the property.


  1. Winter Garden (Uinta Garden)

The only city in the ranking, which is located near Orlando. Increasing the number of naseledniâ, one of the lowest unemployment rates and real estate prices.