United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, which consists of megacities, which throbs with life 24 hours a day. At any time of the day, you're seeing a huge number of people and machines. It is difficult to imagine life without a car in this global community.

Travel and work with the car much easier. This will allow you to save time and to get to any part of the United States. All the more so for the US is affordable fun. Of course, you need a driver's license. In our article we will answer the questions: "how to get a driver's license? What organizations are responsible for it? Can I ride with international rights? ".

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Department Of Transportation engaged in registration of a driving licence in the United States. But these organizations are not Federal. You have to be prepared that the requirements and fines will vary from State to State.

5 steps to getting the rights:

  1. Pass theory. The theory test is not difficult, the rules are very simple, in order not to complicate the lives of road users.
  2. You must also check the vision.
  3. * There are also States where a lecture about drugs, alcohol and traffic safety, which will also need to write a test.
  4. Passing the theory you get student rights, issued for a few months to prepare for the practical exam. To use these rights, there are some limitations depending on the State (passenger, driving in the dark.)
  5. Practice. Practical exam for rent on your own car. Most pay attention to security and the ability to park.


With regard to International rights, the United States they operate for about a year, depending on the State.

Learn the rules and be careful on the roads!

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