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In GrowGrow.US, we bring knowledge and opportunities of the US to business owners and entrepreneurs from Europe and Asia 

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What We Offer

Online and offline courses and programs, as well as on-line consulting servises for the US market entry, investment in the US, starting and developing business in the United States for non-Americans (Europe and Central Asia), globalization of business with the help of US platforms and services.
Also GrowGrow.US offers programs and tools for the relocation and business immigration to the United States.

Our mission — to simplify the way in the US market for outstanding entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as accelerate the growth of companies and global best selling products.

  • The broad base of outstanding experts in various fields of business in the United States,
  • Unique online and offline educational courses and delegation programs,
  • Easy access and order of on-line consultation with the American specialists,
  • Many free and available webinars and other services for the US market entry,
  • Eliminate intermediaries and other obstacles to your successful development through the creation of simple and accessible algorithms and a broad base of expert-Americans involved in the project.

  • Online Consultations 65%
  • Online and Offline courses 75%
  • Webinars 99%

Our Work Flow


Learn more about possibilities for your personal and business development at the US market and worldwide. Every Thursday, listen to webinars of one of the best American experts in the field of start-up, purchase and development of business and investment in the US and at the global market.


SMART US MARKET ENTRY delegation program and on-line course

5-day delegation program  (or 5 week on-line course) to enter the US market with your product / service. All technical, legal, financial, administrative and marketing side of the issue in the lectures  of 12 American experts, as well as visit to Newark, the largest port on the East coast of the USA and familiarity with its infrastructure, as well as meetings with distributio and trade business in the United States.

US BUSINESS START, Off-line Delegation Program and On-line Course

A five-day off-line delegation program  (or 5 week on-line course) for entrepreneurs consisting of lectures of the best American specialists that gives essential and practical information on further topics: company registration, peculiarities of business start and development in the U.S. and in Florida in particular, juridical and financial peculiarities of your company’s activity in the U.S., peculiarities of price policy and marketing for your business. Business to buy and franchising in the U.S. (in Florida, in particular), commercial and residential real estate to buy — essentials that every foreign entrepreneur considering relocation and / or doing business in/ with the U.S. should know about.

The off-line program takes place in Miami Downtown and includes on site visits  at business and real estate facilities and into the business incubators of South Florida.


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Other Features

Do you want to deliver  your unique product to the United States?
Do you need to transfer your team / office  into the US and you do not know, how to organize the process?
Ready to start production and want to see how the production process is organized at the US enterprises?
Expanding a unique network of the American esperts, not only do we have opportunity to do an online consultation for you, but also provide a number of services that you will need in your way of building a global business. As our customer, you will have access to discounts and promotional codes of proven professional services, thereby reducing your costs to a minimum and save a ton of nerve cells.
What kind of clients do we work with?
Our customers are the owners of small and medium business, top managers of the companies, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services, the founders of  start-up businesses.
I want to move to the United States and there to do business. Where to begin?

Start by subscribing to our newsletter, visit the next webinar, read our publications, and pass  Florida Invest Basic, which will give a complete picture on your possibilities and directions for business development, as well as immerse you in the business world of the United States.

I'm interested in business immigration opportunities, but requirements of EB-5 seems too much for me. What do you advise?

As part of our project we collaborate with immigration lawyers who have significant portfolio of successful cases, as well as a number of entrepreneurs in the US. Often the success of the business immigration (and business success in general) is not about  «what you know», but about «who you know». Perhaps, your resume will allow you to become a successful part of the American team, you may be able to join forces with an American partner. Sign up for a consultation with our experts and learn about what strategy to choose.

I was one of the first who worked with this team. For me, America was not clear, but thanks to the organization of the business delegation, meetings with real Americans, immigrants, representatives of American business, I reappraised my plans and decided to go and develop my business in other countries besides my native one.

Vladimir Minchenko

entrepreneur, owners of retail and agribusiness

Participation in the Florida Invest course of GrowGrow School exceeded my expectations! Every day, the delegate program opened new horizons and made the correction in my personal plans. I want to mention some of the lectures impressed me the most. The leture of Bill Thomas about algorithm of business to buy selection, due diligence and purchase process was great. Another lecture,  one of the most rewarding for me personally, about pre-auction purchase of real estate. And I also would like to name the lecture of Melissa McNamee about business immigration. We had already ordered several consultations with the immigration attorneys, but Florida Invest course was the first time and place when I heard such a detailed lecture and understood the full picture of my opportunitites. Let’s just say, in private consulting our lawyers did not even bother to tell us about these important points. In general, big thanks to the founders of GrowGrow.US. No internet or separate meetings and trips give even 10% of such useful information. Especially invaluable that much can be seen through the eyes of local, Americans, and have their own vision and evaluation of a business start and development here.

Dmitriy Kulik

top-manager of a retail network

Together with my partner, we flew from Miami to our native country with a sense of the vast work done. Not only had time to take the course. We agreed the first deliveries of our products. Now we are selecting the distribution business to buy, to arrange sales in the Florida State (and perhaps in all the US). Of course, we will go to the next course School.
Previously, we had already been in the United States, but the course was a real eye-opener. Nothing of the sort we have not seen and do not know where to give as much insight and would be so interested in our result! And of course, 20 lectures of the Americans — it’s something!

Sergey N.

Manufacturer of construction materials


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