10 steps to start a business in the United States

Prepare a business plan and materials

  1. Preparation of a business plan is an important step, in order to identify your business, products and services, highlight your objectives, identify what you will do, what level of competence is required for this. More on http://growgrow.us/your-company/
  1. Create an identity for your company-logo, business cards, corporate identity.


Follow legislative requirements

  1. Select the form Company-Inc. or LLC?
  1. Choose an accountant and a lawyer. More on http://growgrow.us/your-company/
  1. Get the necessary tax identification numbers, licenses and permits.  In order to find out whether you require in addition to a separate federal tax identification number, contact the tax Department of your state.
  1. Insure your business and learn about your obligations. Some industries have fairly specific requirements on insurance. This point is important, if you have employees.


Prepare financially

  1. Open a bank account for your company. By the way, if your company does not Inc, you'll need a DBA (Doing Business As).
  1. Organize your accounting department and, if required, prepare documents for obtaining a loan.

For small businesses operate special loan programmes through the Small Business Administration (SBA).

  1. Create a credit line for your business.

This will help you to quickly arrange the purchase of products and services, and will help build a strong credit history.

  1. Prepare the work area. Whether you work from home or Office, there are a number of nuances you should know.


Wrong choice of an immigration lawyer for the EB-5 regional center and can forever put a cross on your grinkarte

500 thousand dollars for you no problem, but a dream move to United States family overcomes? And you, of course, already aware of the immigration program for the EB-5 investors?

The truth about which very few people said-that the successful passage of immigration statistics the way EB-5 investors have been steadily deteriorating. And now, in the first quarter of every fourth investor he was denied at the first stage of approval of the petition leading to obtain a temporary green cards, after waiting an average of 1.5 years before the -2 moments, people simply had to "go the distance" and start all over again (with another lawyer and Centre), choose a different path or even abandon their American dream.

Immigration attorneys called such a frequent cause of failure as the inability to prove the legality of origin of foreign investor funds (one of the basic requirements of the program). (Miss that many of them take up such cases and underestimate the risks to their customers.)

However, the other two reasons why your way EB-5 can be disastrous-1) bad choice of a regional investment Center (or direct investment), 2) bad timing of an immigration lawyer. Well, high risk case where bad and so, and with the other, otdeal′no will not be considered. And on the first and second order below.

In June, 2016. in the United States recorded 838 regional investment centres. The overwhelming majority of them do not have projects and Moreover, experience the passage of their customers the way to grinkarte. The same regional centres that have projects, experience of receiving green card investor and the return of investor money on your fingers.  Lack of experience is the problem anyway. Much more problems due to the fact that the regional centres themselves often do not end up properly evaluate their projects, time and possibilities for their implementation, and especially, no one is immune from fraud.

Evidence of fraud on the part of regional investment centres already so much that the United States citizenship and Immigration Service jointly with The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Investor Education and Advocacy released a special reminder EB-5 investors. 

Be sure to take this as a reminder, if you plan/have already started their way to the United States permanent resident status through an immigration program for EB-5 investors:

  1. Find the confirmation that the regional centre created the USCIS
  1. Get copies of documents that the regional centre was preparing for USCIS

This is an initial application Form I-924, to obtain the approval of the citizenship and Immigration Service and addition thereto I-924A, which is served in a service at the end of each calendar year.

  1. Request investment information in writing
  • A copy of the memorandum with the invest proposal
  • Get an independent review: compare this project with similar
  • If you do not understand until the end of the project details, do not invest.
  1. Ask for information about the promouterah of this project/regional centre
  • Attorneys, consultants, agencies receive commissions from the Center,
  • Be skeptical, if what they say is at odds with data invest memorandum and documents.
  1. Look for opportunities to independent verification project
  2. Evaluate structural risks
  • Than secured loan? (Your investment?)
  1. Rate material investments in the project by the developer
  • If the developer and does not invest in regional centre project together, the project at risk.


8.1. The promise of guaranteed receipt of EB-5 and permanent resident status (also guarantees to date)

8.2. Guaranteed return on investment and a lack of investment risk

8.3. Guarantees great profitability project

8.4. Unregistered investments

(Can be registered in the USCIS Center, rather than this particular invest project. In such case the issuer will not be able to provide full information on the project)

8.5. The law firm has the same owner as the regional centre/persons involved in project management.

The RIGHT IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY on EB-5-not less significant for successful passage of immigration path.

Until today the way the majority of those who took the decision on the EB-5 on osago began with an immigration lawyer (due to a complete lack of professional EB-5 agencies in Eastern Europe and the CIS).  The following highlights that you should pay close attention before you start working with an immigration lawyer. (However, if you have already started your path, but in doubt, change a lawyer sooner rather than later, for a number of reasons, and the most important is to save your nerves, time and money).

  1. Experience an immigration lawyer in EB-5?

Over the past year from across Eastern Europe and the CIS, immigration path on EB-5 picked only about 45 investors (!). In this case, only in the AILA Immigration Lawyers Association United States-more than 13 thousand members (!), and this despite the fact that not everyone includes immigration lawyer. So do not believe assurances from immigration lawyers (especially those who work exclusively or primarily with the Russian-speaking audience), that they have exceptional experience in EB-5. For the majority of your case may be the first (However, even if it is 3rd or 5th that, in principle, it is impossible for the lawyer, oriented towards Eastern Europe and the CIS, chance of napartachit he big set).

Significantly greater experience of immigration lawyers who work with China, Asia in General (from there come the absolute majority of EB-5 investors), with South America.

2. Experience as a lawyer in General

When your Russian counsel alleges a specialization on EB-5, he most likely throws wishful thinking. Specialization in extremely narrow niche-dangerous.

You can believe in good Russian-speaking immigration lawyers who work on popular destinations of immigration (e.g., L-1, political asylum, etc.), but those who have sufficient experience in the EB-5 and even e-2-statistics show that can not be.

Another equally important factor is the experience of practice. It is clear that the EB-5 program is extremely young, and a few years ago it was in principle a few people. But a lawyer with experience in the 10-20 and more years have the most experience, practice solving various cases at the end of the day, he knows how to behave with the client in the most unusual situations. He has more field to create new effective solutions if something goes wrong in the end.

Young lawyers, in contrast, often have drive and charm, but this is the first serious difficulties with your case.

3. Unprecedented discounts

Discount-that's fine. But if you run the risk of at least half a million dollars and two-pât′ma years of their quality of life, is the latest discounts, based on what you have to make a decision about choosing an immigration lawyer.

It is on the contrary a sort of "red flag": lawyer goes on big discounts to get you as a customer? Trust him (s) its fate can be a big mistake.

4. Timeliness of responses

A good lawyer-busy lawyer. If your immigration lawyer instantly responds to your emails or phone calls, write. That means it has no customers, and you are his only "victim", which he leads. The work of the lawyer is the courts, Court, regional centres and professional events, again.

5. Perseverance

For the reasons in paragraph. 4. have claimed an immigration lawyer in the United States usually have no time you persistently declining to sign the contract.

6. "Too beautiful biography" and deception in positioning

How to become a lawyer in the United States? Well, for a start to finish 3-x 1-year law school program. Yes, just 3 years old, and you already get the degree of Juridical Doctor. The truth is that this degree has nothing to do with the Russian-speaking world the term "doctor of legal sciences", which includes research, doctoral studies, publications, seniority and experience. Moreover, the level is even lower than the master's degree.

Nevertheless, many lawyers working with the Russian public, lie not blushing, attributing to his biography of Dr. Jur. Sciences ".

The Americans, however, on the contrary, believe that if the Attorney ascribed to his name the title Doctor of the Juridical means, most likely, he did not receive a license in the State. This experienced lawyer never ascribe to himself that he nedoadvokat, but something like master bar.


The EB-5 program is still an attractive way for getting EB-5. There is even a premise that the number of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the CIS that are coming this way, significantly grow. But for this to happen, it's time for the emergence of a fundamentally new quality of service for EB-5 investors from the region, and investors need to approach to a choice of the representatives of the regional centres and lawyers, as well as to perform all phases of EB-5 with maximum responsibility.


This material is solely informational function and is not advice or even more so, advertising or selling any products. 

Any republication of this material without an active link to growgrow.us and growgrow.us written permission is prohibited. 






13 common mistakes when starting a business and investment in the United States come from Eastern Europe, and how to avoid them by using US SMART START

United States is not only an attractive destination for business immigration, but, first and foremost, the big growth market and many opportunities for themselves in the roles of businessman and investor. With today's platforms like Ebay, Etsy, and a number of smaller resources can, of course, to sell their goods to u.s. buyers, without leaving their home country. However, the massive sales in such cases, more often than not goes, so startups from around the world, as well as businessmen anyway considering the physical presence in the U.S. market. 

1.  Lack of knowledge about existing opportunities (ask yourself, for example, how you are familiar with the concepts of daunpejment, buying at auctions, or the peculiarities of loan resets the American financial institutions).

2. Overpayment for the services of lawyers.

3. Loss of money due to unsustainable financial operations.

4. Bad choice of business/investment object.

5. Select options from the limited listings.

6. The delay in obtaining a business visa/green card.

7. Doing business "for show", in order to obtain a green card.

8. Optimal decision on choosing object of focus.

9. Shop where it is more rational to create from scratch, and vice versa: building a business from scratch, where best-buy.

10. Limited communications and, as a consequence, limitations. (Communication within their language group).

11. Think and act both at home.

12.  Lack of understanding the intricacies of the local mentality.

13. Typical problems of all new businesses, strengthened the lack of technical background of life and education in the United States:

      13.1. Poor market research

      13.2. Bad business plan

      13.3. Not enough money for a full run (this inefficient use of money at the start)

      13.4.  Too small a margin

      13.5. Bad marketing strategy

      13.6.  Incorrect financial motivation

      13.7.  Focus only on business and devoting the last place in their life family

      13.8.  Borrowing money from relatives and friends

      13.9. Trying to cope with all cases independently

      13.10. Failed destination.

Within the individual program of US SMART START you get the advice of American experts to launch business, investment and related areas.  Also includes excursions to objects: business incubators and business to real estate investment and Top10 of districts and towns of South Florida for business and investment.

10 ways to get a RESIDENCE PERMIT in the United States

Many active people dream to go to the United States, open their business, to life. But to become a full-fledged member of the American komûniti can only be subject to the availability of residence permits, opening broad business and social opportunities. About how to obtain the coveted "green card" Lottery we'll talk below. 


How to get a PERMIT in the United States?

  1. The easiest and least expensive way to integrate into American society is the Green Card, which can be won in the lottery. Every year awarding 50000 such lucky tickets. Chances to win a little, because millions of people from dozens of countries participate in this lottery. But, if you're lucky (which we wish you!), then you can take with you in the United States a wife (husband) and children up to 21 years.


  1. Relationship with a citizen of the United States:

-by birth;

-marriage with a citizen of the United States (category K);

Immediately want to emphasize that arranged marriages in consequence may lead to criminal liability. This can happen through the year and through 10 years after "operation".


  1. Work visa (H-1B). Become a unique specialist for the American company. The employer must prove the Consulate that Americans cannot cope with this work, only you can do it. But don't get discouraged. If you feel the strength indispensable employee in the United States, experienced attorneys for a relatively modest fee will help you achieve a positive result.


  1. Businessman visa (L1). If your company is a subsidiary of the United States, then you can send its American branch specialist. This visa gives the possibility in the country up to 7 years. You can later apply for PERMANENT RESIDENCY.


  1. EB-5 investor visa-this type of visa in the United States, which is issued to foreign investors. With this visa, you can get a "green card", respectively, and the nationality of the United States. To obtain the EB-5 investor must invest in the economy of the United States at least $ 500.000 for a period of 5 years, as well as create 10 jobs for residents of United States citizens.


  1. E2 investor visa is a visa that is provided by non-resident investors United States, invests up to $ 100 thousand. real American projects, such as existing (buying) and created from scratch. The only disadvantage of this visa-holders cannot be made on the "green card", but there is a possibility to have the owner of E2, while in the United States, change status-for example, getting married, getting rich and invest million in new project and eventually get a "green card" lottery. Options there are.


  1. O1 visa is given to people with extraordinary ability or achievement. For example, if you've managed to invent pills from old age, then you will be given a visa along with a contract with an American company.


  1. R visa you have, if you have made significant achievements in sport and wish to continue my career in the United States, this will allow you to be "green card" lottery.


  1. Soon to be approved in the United States the STARTUP Visa-Visa for foreigners who plan to open a company with a capital of $ 100 thousand. If you have an idea and a little bit of money and you want to implement your idea in the United States-welcome!


  1. Political asylum. On the basis of political or religious views you get refugee status. Having lived for 5 years as a permanent resident can apply for citizenship.


Each has its own history of success and life circumstances, so each is your pathway to implement the "American dream". You do not need to have $ 1 million to become an investor in the American economy. Often enough the overwhelming desire and perseverance. Come and have a little money).

How to open a business in the United States for $ 500?

GrowGrow.US continues to communicate with successful immigrants from the CIS countries. This time his success story told Larry Poltavtsev. How a student of Rostov-na-Donu went to learn and Exchange opened its business in the United States, read our article. Despite tempting offers employers from key European countries many professionals choose United States.


How did your activities in the United States?
My name is Larry Poltavtsev. I'm from Rostov-na-Donu. He studied at the Physics Department of Rostov State University (RSU). In the United States I came in 1991 year as part of an exchange between the RMT and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was lucky enough to arrive at post-graduate courses at Ph.d.. program in physical chemistry. For a while I worked for environmental laboratories States of North Carolina and Virginia, and then got hooked on the Internet and computer technology.


The business community of the CIS countries often poor educational performance for business and careers. What is the impact of American universities have on future successful entrepreneurs?

I managed to get the post of the Director of IT at the library, University of Virginia Tech. Like many universities in the United States, at Virginia Tech employees were available incubators for the development of their business. I took advantage of this opportunity and opened his first business to create and design Web sites.


What led you to open your business?
I always wanted to have my own business. The development of information technologies is very attracted innovative approach and high profitability (the speech is about the 1990s). It was therefore at the same time interesting and productive to start such a business.


Some start-up capital required for business in the United States? Do you attract investors?

Never attracted investors. My initial capital was not more than $ 500. I helped support the University Centre: it provided free wireless Internet that was very expensive in the late 90s, and low rent for an Office.


If you compare the start of business in the 90 's and today, what would you have?

In the 1990s, it was much easier to start a business with no initial capital, it was easier to obtain financing. Now do it a lot more difficult. On the other hand, there are many interesting destinations such as blockchains and green energy.


Tell us more about the development and capabilities of your business.
Now I have several businesses. I continue to work in the field of IT. The company, Target Labs (www.targetlabs.com) writes to order software for major u.s. corporations, and provides consultants for internal projects in companies.

A few years ago I organized Learnix Center (www.learnixcenter.com), which specializes in teaching immigrants and all those wishing to become a successful IT specialist/Software QA Tester/no prior experience and education. This specialty in IT does not require coding skills and suitable for beginners in the field of information technology. Designed by the team of specialists, the program lasts only for 3 months, graduates find work fairly quickly with a salary of $ 60.000 per year.


What obstacles were encountered in your way?
Conducting business, faced with difficulties on a daily basis. The main thing is to have a reliable team to overcome obstacles. The hardest part is getting the first client and build a reputation in the market. A huge competition requires an excellent reputation.

Larry Poltavtsev

Larry Poltavtsev

What should think before companies in the United States?
First of all, you must work at the enterprise itself, to understand how business works, that you want to open. Still need to find a highly qualified lawyer and accountant.


What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe who dream to live and work in the United States?

For a start, they should get a job in the United States and see how local business. Understanding cultural differences in business relations between employers and employees, between business partners, suppliers and competitors. Look into local law, understand the relationships with government services (Federal, State, and local štatovskimi). It makes sense to build a business aimed at all Americans, not just the Russian diaspora. The biggest mistake is in isolation with your "own". You can and need to hire an international team, which will reflect the structure of American society.


The story of Larry confirms once again that States is a land of opportunity where everyone can realize his dream into reality and achieve success.

How to build a proper business strategy to cope with the difficulties and avoid mistakes on our next webinars, as well as at the nearest course US BUSINESS START.


EB-5 visa-a way to get a green card and permanent resident status through investment.

The investment allows you to become lawful permanent residents of the United States for the investor's spouse and unmarried/unmarried children under the age of 21, 2011.

State structure-the program operator-USCIS (United States citizenship and Immigration Service).

The EB-5 program started by the Congress of the United States in 1990 g. in order to increase investment in the economy of the United States.


  • Investment in generating profit in Targeted Empoyment Area (TEA)-from $ 500 thousand to objects that do not reside on the territory of the TEA-$ 1.000, 000000.
  • The creation of 10 permanent jobs with full time for at least 2 years

Quota-10 thous. EB-5 visas per year.


  • Own investment project (direct investments)
  • Draft ICANN USCIS regional with the creation of 10 direct, indirect or induced investment jobs (full-time)/1.

According to the 2014-2015 timeframe. 98.3% EB-5 investors preferred to invest in projects of regional investment centres direct investment.

However, for the first quarter of 2016 g. every fourth investor had been denied at the initial stage, when filing the I-526 petition approval which leads to obtaining a temporary green card. Given the fact that investors should wait a year and a half from the beginning of the work with an immigration lawyer and (most commonly) Regional Centre, it is a colossal waste of time as well as money for attorneys ' fees and administrative fee to the Regional Centre (averaging around $ 80 thousand). In addition, there are risks of loss or partial loss of the amount invested.

The main reasons for the failure of investors and as a result, the growing frustration in the program-1) low-quality draft regional investment centre, 2) bad immigration lawyer (little experience, qualifications, personal qualities, working "in tandem" (for a fee) of dubious regional centre, etc.

This publication lists GrowGrow.US questions, which it is important to set regional investment centre, in order to decide whether or not to work with him. As we have already mentioned, currently in United States registered over 830 regional investment centres, but only about 50 of them have investment projects at the moment, even smaller centres that have experience in successfully passing their customers ways to getting a green card. The same regional centres to all have experience in disbursement of funds to investors-even on your fingers.

Be careful, and increase your chances of success if you have decided to move on immigration program for investors in the United States EB-5.

And here is a list of questions to regional investment centre from GrowGrow.US:

  1. Is there a practice approval Service USCIS I-526 petition investors any project this regional center?
  2. Is there a practice of USCIS approval of the I-829 investors any project this regional center?
  3. All documents prepared for the current project on obtaining an EB-5? (Insist on to see the documents confirming the commitment of the Centre for this project).

"Exit strategy"

  1. How will I go from "limited" partnerships?
  2. What should I sell and to whom?
  3. Who is the most likely buyer?
  4. What can I expect as a foreclosure?
  5. What is the "fair market value"?


  1. How you saved the capital invested in the new venture and at what expense?
  2. Does this project investors, who are not interested in obtaining green cards? If Yes, what problems it might cause?
  3. If the partnership proposed in the programme of collateral, where the partnership is located in the hierarchy as to who pays first, what type of financial support and partnership admission as protection in case of default of the partnership?

Transparency in financial accounting

  1. Whether to view the financial information of the limited partnership and aim to attract financing for each investor in the project regional centre?
  2. Which EB-5 partnership costs?
  3. How and when will I need to invest additional funds in a partnership (other than my original investment)?

Confirmation of job creation

  1. What method of job creation is available for consideration together with the initial I-526 petition?
  2. The alleged jobs-direct or indirect, or a combination of both?
  3. What guarantees will be provided when filing the I-526, which required jobs for I-829 approval?
  4. If you create direct jobs, whether there is a risk that this business project will create fewer direct jobs than planned?
  5. The burden of proof of employment creation for I-829 petition approval for direct jobs not covered model requires filling out forms I-9′s, W-2′s, documents for naturalization. As a regional Centre had prepared for this?
  6. As a set of jobs distributed among members of the partnership?
  7. Is there a chance that if the simulated (projected) job creation fails in practice, some members of the partnership, which should gain from this partnership bonuses in the form of a green card, will not be able to show evidence of the creation of 10 new jobs?
  8. Are there any drawbacks or reasons to seriously think for those members of the Limited Partnerships that align to invest later?
  9. Simulate worst-case scenario-ask if the project fails (bankruptcy or other), what will happen with the creation of jobs?

Questions on the draft

  1. Who manages the project and who is the General Manager (Director) a limited partnership, and what are the qualifications of each?
  2. What is the cost of project management?
  3. The fee is payable regardless of income or managers to project success (business enterprise), or it is reduced, if the income of the project is less than expected?  
  4. What is the total amount of project costs?
  5. As members of the EB-5 protected against excessive distribution costs?
  6. The calculation is based on what the profitability of the project? On what increases the value of real estate?
  7. What other market conditions can reduce the cost of funds placed in this new kommerčesoke Enterprise (project)?
  8. Since you'll be in the minority position, ask how to get out of the partnership.
  9. What are the different sources of financing payment (reimbursement) funds placed into a new commercial enterprise?
  10. If all members of the EB-5 or a limited Partnership want to go within a relatively short period of time from the project (many regional centres require 5-year investment) who is the most likely candidate to buy back all of the Limited Partnership? At what price? As the price will be determined?

To learn more about your opportunities and how to minimize risks to potential EB-5 investor, download our miniknigu "the way of the EB-5 investor" or contact us.



45 ideas to business in the United States with $ 1500 in your Pocket

Today more and more people having tried in my life few jobs, having lived for a long time every day "with 9:00 to 18:00-Office routine, the rest of the time-traveling from the Office routine, think about your own business that would earn a living and fully manage your time. Most people have such a progressive idea is broken the stereotype that to start their own businesses need a lump sum. And they continue to walk in the offices, dreaming of the moment "here's nakoplû money, then as startanu". And actually you can start from almost the amount equal to one month's salary. In particular, in this article I want to tell you about 45 businesses in the United States, you can start with only $ 1500.

1. Bukkiper (Accountant)

If you are not afraid of numeric matrix and you make friends with a calculator, then perhaps it is the beginning of a private accounting practice will be the business that will bring both money and pleasure. Today in the United States the number of entrepreneurs is growing steadily, consequently, there is a growing demand for accounting services, particularly in the small business segment. No qualifications? There are a bunch of different courses and training programmes at the end of which a few hundred dollars you will be a certified public accountant. For such business office. Enough computer.

2. Bicycle repair

The number of fans of cycling in the United States also is growing steadily. Accordingly, there is a growing demand to service bikes. Opening a bicycle repair shop in the United States, you will not die of starvation. True in most States, this kind of service is seasonal-for the period of the warm season. But organizing advanced service bicycle storage in the winter or spare parts shop, you can make this a more efficient business model.

3. Cleaning of boats and yachts

In the United States presence in the family any boats on the popularity of actively catching cars. Accordingly, there is a whole market of happy owners of boats and yachts, which periodically should be clean both inside and out. For starters, you can organize cleaning service boats with departure to the client at home. You can increase your business by offering their services yacht clubs.

9 fundamental differences in the life before and after moving to United States-watch on Youtube > >

4. Elaboration of business plans

In the United States in order to apply for a loan, make a work visa or just competently start business need a simple business plan. Most entrepreneurs, particularly in the small business segment, even do not have time to create it. In this case comes to the aid of a specialist-private konsalter, which helps you write a business plan. Creating a workpiece under different industry, you can very quickly write business plans, substituting in the formula ready source data of the customer.

5. Shoe liners

Yes-Yes. The ancient profession of chimney sweep today in the United States is experiencing a Renaissance. In many private homes have fireplaces, stoves, solid fuel boilers, which occasionally require cleaning. Developing business in this direction not necessarily every day crawl well in presenting what is Santa falls on Christmas. You can optionally provide diagnostic tools liners for those who do not need them cleaned, but you need to check for the need of repair or modernization.

6. Cleaning

In addition to skating on yachts, Americans still go to offices, restaurants and just "hang" at home. Naturally, each of these places requires cleaning. Here's to you and multiple segments of one business direction. Particularly profitable may be providing cleaning services and especially in the kitchen.

7. Computer repair

It is clear that not everyone is given to be a computer guru, but if there is a craving for this activity and basic knowledge, which, by the way, you can develop with the help of specialized courses, the success of your venture is virtually assured. But there is still an important component in this business-you must create yourself using social networks and other digital tools activity reputation specialist. And then you get busy growing stream of customers.

8. Consultant

Take a look back and appreciate your expertise in areas where you work. Can you managed a large warehouse of drugs were in the company of a marketer, producing footwear or organized work restaurants? You can be an invaluable Advisor to people who start new projects in familiar areas, because they can avoid mistakes and loss of money that were in your practice.

9. Dog breeding

In the United States are very fond of pets: dogs, cats, iguanas.  The American market for services and goods for animals, I think, is several times greater than the markets of oil products to many countries of Eastern Europe put together. Especially in the United States love dogs. And if you love animals, and they are you, the business of Thoroughbred breeding dogs can be very successful for you. This can be done right at home. The main things right to issue legally with their customers and provide high quality service.

10. Trading on eBay

Can your home perfectly fits anything unnecessary, that could potentially have to other people? Then you direct way on eBay. Make account in this marketplace and sell goods. You can help other people successfully selling their stuff and take a Commission for it. Today in the United States for sale/purchase of the second-hand goods is very popular.

Watch the video presentation of the nearest course session Florida Invest Basic > >

11. Editing services

If you have good grammar (English in particular) and you are good at writing essays in school, you can earn on editing services, books, booklets, articles, as well as the writing texts for them to order. You can also be a content-editor of sites or copywriter. This is the case when you can sit with a clear conscience with the tablet on the beach and work simultaneously).

12. Repair of household appliances

Business, essentially similar to the above business computer repair, only you repair various electrical appliances and win. Naturally, that will have to be at least minimally invest in advertising to customers from your area know where to take his slomavšuûsâ technique. It is also necessary to arrange buying population old electronics and appliances, working parts that you can later use for repair.

13. Event Manager

In the United States every day tens of thousands of different events, from small seminars to large forums. You can become a participant in this market, providing services for the selection of the premises and equipment events. Don't be lazy, go around all the meeting rooms and halls in your area, meet the marketers of these objects, receive a discount as an agent, make a simple but informative site and earn money on organizing activities.

14. Work understood (expert)

Being an expert in a certain area, you can be a valuable expert witness in court proceedings. For this purpose it is necessary to have lawyers-partners who deal with relevant Affairs of your knowledge.

15. Financial consultant

Properly plan your budget and allocate finance helps in United States financial advisor or financial planner. The service is well paid, but you must first obtain a certificate CFP (Certified Financial Planner). How and where to do it covered in this resource http://www.cfp.net/become/Steps.asp.

16. Internet-shop of the most demanded products

Analyze with google and other tools, what products are most often in demand in your area. And create an online store range which will consist only of top-selling products. About 5% discount as an agent with a wholesale seller, you can always agree. You can also work with major online stores at dropšipinga conditions.

17. Golf coach

If you know how to play golf, and in so doing have tranquility, allowing students to observe how cold-bloodedly break clubs or beat "don't go there", then you can get a good coach. In addition to private lessons as a second business direction can develop corporate classes, many American companies are considering playing golf as a good break from office routine and effective team building.

How to turn the United States from the labyrinth in a comprehensible way-learn here > >

18. Home energy auditor

All owners of houses want to reduce as far as possible, appear in the generated electricity and water bills. If you have an engineering background, or just craving for energy, then you can become an energy auditor (for this you will need to undergo training), which will be home to diagnose and advise, cut resource consumption. You can also implement activities that will make a House more economical and additionally earn.

19. Real estate inspection

This business is to provide the potential buyer or real estate agency service to identify problem areas of objects with recommendations on how to address them. It is clear that a successful business in this direction provides strong friendship with successful Realtors.

20. Organization specialist home space

If you make friends with imagination, good taste and fenšuem, can help arrange life and fill the House with the correct things to those with the specified qualities not happened or just laziness.

21. Consultant import/export

If you have worked in an Office at the position, which allowed to gain sufficient experience in the sphere of export-import operations, your experience may become indispensable for people whose business is tied or be associated with the supply of foreign goods in the United States or vice versa. Trainings, seminars, personal coaching-all this can bring a good stable income.

22. Interior specialist

A similar direction with the organizer of the household, but in this case we are talking about decorating the House different beautiful things.

23. Manufacture of jewelry articles and costume jewelry

If your hands grow properly and with artistic abilities all OK, then the business towards the manufacture of jewellery and jewellery just for you. It is clear that you must have the skills to work with metals, casting, processing, etc. You also need to purchase a set of tools. And chains, rings, earrings, etc. d. in the United States is to whom and where to sell. Find a store that accepts for the Commission to sell your products, is not difficult.

24. Marketing copywriter

Writer, specializing in writing advertisement texts for brochures and catalogs. What else to add.

25. Public witness

From English the notary public can be as "witness" or "witness". Why do I need it? In some States, certification events, wedding witness signature type is mandatory. The cost of such services is scanty, so such activities could be regarded as additional income.

26. Concierge service

I mean not a Concierge, which sits at the entrance to the room and asked, "you who?". Many successful, but very busy people very often need a personal assistant, who will perform the work, which due to its employment cannot be done. Assistant really should be smart and responsible person. Payment for such service in the United States is very decent.

27. Personal trainer

Very popular service in the United States. Many people need to return to sports uniforms, so ready to hire a personal trainer to do this. Place your ads (share flyers) near business centers or supermarkets and a stream of customers will be provided. It is important to emphasize that, in order to work in this direction need a certificate. It is also important that your customers acquired form, but escaped various injuries.

How to start a business from scratch in the United States-learn here > >

28. Property manager

If you have experience in the real estate and formed a customer base that can provide the service of care homes, whose owners had left for vacation or business trip. Also you can provide this service in your area, where you know, or know someone who knows you.

29. Home repair mechanized devices

Under domestic mechanized contraptions we mean snow machines, lawn mowers, generators, pumps, etc. They always break, so, being a good professional, you will be able to generate a steady stream of clients and, consequently, stable earnings.

30. Consultant in the field of solar energy

Service is to conduct energy audits of the household and make recommendations-how can I use solar energy for energy optimization or making money. It is clear that in this case it is necessary to collaborate with equipment suppliers. However, in order to position itself as an independent consultant, you need to offer equipment of different companies, in different price categories.

31. Tax specialist

Niche service, providing assistance in the preparation of tax reporting, mainly private individuals. Given that United States tax code is a document of more than 100 000000 pages without special knowledge and courses here. You must have a special certificate.

32. Taxidermy

Stuffed today demanded in the United States in various museums, exhibitions, educational centres, schools. This does not necessarily need to take the unfortunate bird, kill her and stuff with cotton wool. Today technology stepped far forward. Having gone through a special training and becoming a specialist in the field of scarecrows you can do "as live animals from a variety of materials.

33. Upholstering of furniture

Such a business if there is the necessary tool to organize even in my garage. Create a site at which place the tissue options previously agreeing with their vendors, run contextual ads for your area and wait for customers. They necessarily be.

34. Trade in old books

In virtually every American home, you can find a box with folded old books, which the owners want to get rid of. They can help with mutual benefit, opening a shop or an online platform for the sale of old books. In the United States is a very good business. Often old books are bought not for reading, and as a design element.

35. Wedding Planner

Preparation of even a small wedding is a set of tasks that need to be addressed. From a selection of dresses to parties. In such cases, the United States come to help planners weddings. If you are good with the organizational skills and the ability to negotiate, the clients you provided.

36. Repair of household appliances

In this case we are talking about the service of repair of household appliances under contract with their suppliers. For this purpose it is necessary to undergo specialized training and certificate of the company.

37. Computer coach

Customers of the coach-tech jokes can be as mature people, studying the basic aspects of working on a computer, and kids or students who want to learn the specific skills of work with PC: Web design, HTML, Photoshop, programming, etc. A good computer-teacher today is very demanded in the United States.

38. Publisher e-magazine

This business can be successful if you know good writing or selling advertising, or better yet, both. Publishing its own newspaper or magazine, filling them with interesting exclusive content, you can create an attractive platform for advertisers.

39. Installing railings

Fences everywhere. Periodically they need to renovate, move, replace, dye. If in addition to such traditional services add zest, installation type forged vintage items, banal business turn into art).

40. Graphic design

The same computer-teacher training Dummies at your leisure time can earn extra money on graphic design. Today there are many platforms to work hard in this area. By the way, many customers pay very good money just for speed and quality. Therefore, if you have everything OK, then buy a new model of your favorite car brand you will very soon.

Thinking about buying a business in the United States? Learn how to get around all the pitfalls of the process to select a truly worthwhile business and enter into favorable conditions for purchasing > >

41. Gift baskets

The establishment of specialized gift baskets. For dog lovers, horse lovers or lovers of anything you want, you can prepare a special gift baskets and sell them through its Web site and/or off-line. The main thing is to be an expert in your chosen niche, to understand what people want and are willing to pay.

42. Removal of graffiti

Service could be popular in big cities. Some people express themselves, drawing on the walls of buildings, other-earn, eliminating the results of creativity. Everything is simple. Meet the owners of real estate and offer them subscription, They forget about graffiti, and you get a stable job.

43. Hair stylist

Even if you don't have experience in this field, then, having specialized training, you can start this business. Of course, it is better if he already has experience in this area or in cosmetics.

44. Grooming for the adjacent territory

Everyone wants to grass at the House was always green and the trees are magnificent and fertile. Service for the care of lawns, trees, bushes, as well as the installation of various drainage and irrigation systems are very popular today in United States business.

45. Home Hotel for animals

Americans periodically somewhere to leave home and not always they are able to bring pets. For these cases there are pet nanny-people who look after the animals or pull to his home at the time of the absence. Very popular and gaining momentum in the United States service.

The list goes on. And that is what we plan to do soon. Sure that many have their own unique ideas where you can earn in the u.s. market. How you can build your successful business in the United States devoted to Florida Invest programme Basic, as well as Smart US Market Entry.

Also this topic is devoted to a series of specialized free webinars GrowGrow. 

Success for your projects!

Miami becomes the "new Boston" in the development of startups

In nearly every American city, a candidate for the title of regional or Federal Business Center actively developing programmes and centres to support and development of startups. Naturally, the Silicon Valley in California will long out of competition on the quantity, quality and scope of running and startup projects, but in the past few years, lagging behind Silicon Valley actively show Chicago, Boston and Miami. While Miami came in a number of cities, the most conducive to business creativity, literally in the last 2 years.

As you know, Boston is a recognized leader in American today development technology startups (in the field of Robotics and Automation). One company Boston Dynamics, shocked the world with their robot animals, which stands.

Miami today is also actively advanced in the direction of technological development. In particular, a number of successful development is in the direction of the Pharmacy and medical equipment. By the way, Florida today is the American leader in various laboratories and research centers in the field of medicine.

Also today actively developing direction of software development.

In the next few years Miami could make a significant breakthrough towards the development of start-ups. This primarily promotes growth of interest to State on the part of investors and large corporations. In particular, the driving force for located in Miami business incubator Venture Hive is Microsoft, which finances a number of promising new projects. As noted in a conversation with me one of the heads of the business incubator of John Dènctler, today the Center develops several projects, which may soon show a tremendous commercial success. Its prisutsive in Miami will also strengthen Google and Oracle.

Overall, Florida has 15 major business incubation: 12-3 and State in the East to the West. Get acquainted with the activity of each of them, you can by clicking on the links below. However, I wish to emphasize that virtually all of these centers are open for brilliant ideas, generated not only within the United States, but also outside the country. So many startups that have virtually no chance of finding financing in Eastern Europe today, there is an opportunity to grow through business incubators in Florida, which is for business ideas not so closed elite club as Silicon Valley.

And so, in Southeastern Florida employs the following business incubators:

C. Scott Ellington Technology Business Incubator, Boca Raton

Enterprise Development Corporation of South Florida, Miami

Global Business Development Center, Boynton Beach

Hialeah Technology Center, Hialeah

Indian River State College Pioneer Incubator, Fort Pierce

Innovation Hub at Broward College, Fort Lauderdale

International Enterprise Development Small Business Incubator, Ocean Ridge

The LaunchPad, Miami

Metro Broward Small Business Success Center, Lauderhill

Miami Entrepreneurship Center, Miami

Startup Miami, Miami

TED Center Business Incubator, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach

Venture Hive, Miami

The Southwest Florida employs the following business incubators:

IMBIZ, Immokalee

Proton Enterprises, Naples

Southwest Florida Enterprise Center, Fort Myers

Don't be afraid to think globally, say about themselves, where they can appreciate the ingenious or simply having a commercial idea!

Learn more about business in the United States you can at growgrow.us

Organize your personal business in the United States, you can here.

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5 reasons why you need a company in the United States

Really, and why you company in the United States?

Today, some still prefer offshore jurisdiction, others believe that for globalization better Hong Kong nothing no, third and did not dare to go out with their business beyond what not, his native country, and even their locality.

However, there are a number of good reasons when you need company it is in the States, moreover, alternatives to its opening does not exist.

Let's understand.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, people on this planet can open a business in the United States. It is absolutely not important, big business with him or quite small. Many businesses work with the American market is a matter of existence and survival, in principle, for the rest of us it's a question of increasing revenue, achieve a fundamentally new scale and speed, work with a huge client base solvent. And, very importantly, this work in the legislative field, where only you and your talents are determining where no official won't put you bandwagon, where no Raiders, that one "wonderful" day acquire yourself affair of your life. So, in short, looks like the answer to the question "why do I need a business in the United States" for active, talented and full of crazy ideas on how to make the world a better place, man.

And here's towards this goal is worth the creation of a company. In the United States, this process is simplified to a minimum, however, there are some important nuances. We will explain them in detail in subsequent publications. In the meantime, once again stumbled on what are the benefits of opening a company in the United States.

1. Its company you need to make sales in the u.s. market, particularly in the area of customs and taxation.

2. Its company you need to have access to the capital market in the United States: venture capital, angel investors and public markets.

3. Its company you need to reinforce the reputation in the eyes of your American clients, and other foreign markets.

4. Its company in the United States you need in order to be able to apply for a visa and work legally in the United States (as an investor, employee, etc. -But it's important to understand that just opening the company to receive investor visa or working is not enough).

5. The ability to optimize taxation within the United States, if you work through an American company.

How to extract benefits from the opening of your American company, learn at the nearest of the programme US BUSINESS START