Businesses up to $150.000 in Florida that offer you a way to legal move in the United States

In order to get a visa small investor E-2 or a work visa for top company Manager L-1, enough to buy a business for sale up to $150 000000 and good counsel. As we have informed, the E-2 nonimmigrant visa allows you to live in the United States for the whole family (husband, wife and unmarried/single children up to 21 years) just so much running the company, in which the family (Investor) has invested. In doing so, the investor's spouse and children can submit application form-apply for job opportunities.  However, the L-1 is a direct way to obtain a green card, and purchase the finished business allows you to greatly simplify the process of visa extension for a second year and get the status of a resident.
For example, Florida we demonstrate what kind of businesses for sale, can be the solution to the question of the legal move.
Before proceeding to the examination of existing proposals on the market, it should be noted that approximately 7 thousand businesses is at the stage of sale. Unlike the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS for sale objects go away pretty quickly — on average for 2-3 months. For liquid objects goes real hunting, and are often sold before they manage to get into any online database. In addition, the specificity of Florida — in high concentration of illiquid objects. According to the most conservative estimates, 30% of business brokers objects presented for sale on the Internet — are garbage.
Businesses up to $500.000 is businesses with 1-2 salaried professionals (or without employee). Often their main value is to rent space in a good location and accumulated customer base and/or presence of valuable contracts with suppliers. We strongly recommend you to audit selected object before closing the deal.  As well as an analysis of the possibility and the cost of creating such a business from scratch.
A separate issue is the financing of the purchase of the business for the account of the seller, often practiced (usually in larger businesses). For foreign investors is probably the only way to finance the purchase of business in the United States.
The buyer may offer its purchase conditions, should be provided in writing with justification.
Professional brokers reviews agree on more long-term support stage/training on free of charge by the seller than that offered in basic conditions.
Pay attention to the reason for selling a business is for reliable business, generating a good income, it must be really paying.
Location of your future business is directly related to your place of residence is in Florida, for example, it is not accepted to spend several hours every day on the road. It would be difficult to live in, say, Tampa, and ride every day on Miami Beach.  Therefore, the issue of buying a small business should be considered in relation to the place/city in which you would like to live and life style, which would like to maintain.

Documents you will need to deal when buying a business in the United States:

Is the confidentiality agreement.
You'll need to sign it before getting the opportunity to conduct an audit of the business in which you are interested.
Buyer profile.
In a number of businesses, the buyer is required to experience in this narrow field, while general business management experience will not be enough. You have no such experience, the seller of the business is not to continue the dialogue with you.
-Confirmation of availability of funds (for the purchase of the business).
Buying a business is preceded by the filing of the proposal on the part of the buyer, which is being developed in conjunction with a business broker. It is preceded by a discussion of the business with your immigration lawyer-first, it should check whether the business to obtain the selected category visa, secondly, advise on what conditions you should write in the counter-offer to the seller.
Proposal for the purchase of business shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by the introduction of 10% of the value of the business on the escrow account.
If the proposal is accepted by the seller, followed by the signing of the purchase agreement.
Closing the deal on purchase of business contains a number of nuances. In order to reduce their risks, be sure to use the services of a lawyer and accountant. Appreciate the time that you need to transfer money for payment under the contract, to avoid penalties. And continue to work with the seller after execution of the transaction, the transfer of business occurred smoothly.

1) Cafe-shop in Miami

Cost: $115, 000000

Cash flow: $60,000

Turnover: $350,000
EBITDA: $100,000
FF&E (hardware): $60,000
Transitional reserves: n/a
The business opened: 2014 g.
The shop is located on the central street of Collins Ave. and sells black and Red caviar, coffees and teas, spices and konditerku. Located on the Plaza with a high flow of visitors.
The facility is leased.
Equipment is included in the cost of business.
The cost of renting premises-$ 4,500/mth lease premises prior to the March 31, 2020, area is 900 sq. feet (or 84 sq.m.). Seller training buyer business free for 2 weeks.

2) gas station in Fort Lauderdale

Cost: $115, 000000

Transitional reserves: $35.000
Premises: rental $500/month for the next 2 years, then $1.000. Area-102 sq.m. Shop and 8 columns of gasoline and diesel under a canopy.
Sells an average of 120 thousand. a gallon of fuel per month with the Commission of 1 cent.
Also includes a Lotto machine shop, cash machine, and vacuum pump. Opportunities for business expansion, in particular, by opening sales finished take-away food, obnalichku cheques, Western Union, slot machines, etc.
Number of staff: 3 person
Support and training: 2 weeks
Reason for selling business: relocation of the seller.

3) Mobile painting and repair cars in Fort Myers

Cost: $80.000

Cache-flow: $49,800
Sales: $101,875
EBITDA: $31,452
FF&E (hardware): $19,100
Transitional reserves: $600
Business works with: 2004, 2011.
Mobile workshop, which has accumulated a number of loyal customers thanks to high quality of services provided. Kliantami are both companies and private individuals. Costs are minimal.
Number of staff: 1 person
Equipment: included in the price of business
Training: up to 6 weeks
Reason for selling: retirement.

4) a café-restaurant on the island of key West (Key West)

Cost: $129.000

Cafe on Duval Street, a famous tourist (Duval Street), across the road from the main attractions of the island, attracting tourists. In fact, Cafe take-away food format. Opened in 2015, 2010. and quickly became popular. Now it 26 seats, 12 of which are indoors, and 14-outside. Inexpensive service rental, recorded at 3 years.
Number of staff: 3 person
Equipment: included in price
Competition: directly opposite the beach, is the only Cafe on the street. In this case, is within walking distance and specializes in lobsterah, possibly expanding the range of menus to desserts and beer, sandwiches, etc.
Support and training: owner will assist throughout.
Reason for selling: other business owner in another State.


5) playground, a place for games and celebrations in Miami Lakes

Cost: $130, 000000

Transitional reserves: $1.000
FF&E (hardware): $100,000
Business works: from 2014 g.
A popular playground and place of children's parties, birthdays, parties, summer camps, clubs and after school classes inside a mall.
Good business to easily obtain E-2.
Transitional stocks not included in the price.
Real estate leased to October 31, 2017
Number of staff: 4 person.
Furniture and equipment is included in the price.
Area: 411 sq.m. costs $5,350/month.
Competition: the premium location, excellent reputation, safety for children. Fully equipped for children's games. Business present in social networks and has a beautiful Web site.
Growth and expansion: great potential for the development of its own programmes for children and adults, and at the expense of the celebrations catering.
Possible funding: $30.000.
Support and training: seller will educate and train the buyer and be at the heart of over 1 week. Staff is trained, friendly, behaves with visitors as family members. Licenses, insurance and permits easily transferred to the buyer.

9 famous immigrants to the United States

Friends, today we would like to tell you about famous immigrants United States and reasons for their move. We will tell about the way ordinary people who were not afraid to move to the United States and became famous all over the world. Their examples to inspire and motivate, to move forward.

Let's get acquainted with them:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austria)

In September 1968 at the age of 21 years, Arnold comes to America. By his own admission, at the time, he owned a bad English, and spoke with a strong accent that caused him difficulty. According to Arnold, moving to the United States was his dream since 10 years. In the late 1960 's and early 1970 's he is in the country illegally, violating the conditions of his visa. He begins to deal at the Club, gold's Gym in Santa Monica, California, under the patronage of Joe Vader. In 1970 at the age of 23 years, WINS his first title "Mr. Olympia" in New York. In 1983 he received the citizenship of the United States, retains the citizenship of Austria.

For me, freedom of choice meant the arrival here in America. Because I come from a country where the state regulated economy, from a country where 18-year-old guys are already talking about retirement, but I, I wanted more. I wanted to be the best, but such individualism is incompatible with (European) socialism, so I decided that I need to go to America. I had no money, but freedom to earn. Placing a bet on their inflated muscle, I've managed to build a great business and career in film»

  1. Madeleine Albright (Czechoslovakia)

The first woman in the post of United States Secretary of State. Madeline was born in Prague, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia with his family emigrated to the United States, where her father, Madeleine was in the diplomatic service, taking up the post of Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.  In 1957 year Madeleine received American citizenship.  Graduated from Velleslejskogo University, Faculty of political science and the Columbia University School of law. Then Albright started her political career: Democratic Party activist, United States Assistant of Senator Edmund Muskie, a member of the National Security Council under President Carter, Adviser to Bill Clinton and the first woman in the post of United States Secretary of State.

  1. Charlize Theron (South Africa)

American model and actress. At the age of 16 years on the Council and the mother's insistence, She participated in a competition of models and it came out the winner.  Charlize has traveled all over Europe, and then went to New York, and decided to finally settle. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but due to a knee injury, had to complete a dancing career. Charlize the most afraid to go back to Africa, she decided to go to Miami, where she worked as a model. Later she began to make a career in Hollywood, which resulted in success. Theron first born in Africa was awarded an Academy Award for the title role.

  1. Rupert Murdoch (Australia)

Started business in Australia (the newspaper "The Daily Mirror", "The Australian"). In the year 1968 on mediarynki uk, then United States where purchased or created from scratch publications related to the yellow press and enjoyed great success with the public. In 1979 he founded "News Corporation", which includes all owned by Mërdoku company. In the year 1985, Murdoch bought the film company 20th Century Fox, and in the same year, he received American citizenship. Bought up several broadcasters in the United States, combining them in Fox Broadcasting, and in 1996 founded the Fox News channel. According to Forbes, in 2012 year 106 occupies the first position in the list of the richest people in the world with a fortune of 8.3 billion United States dollars.

  1. Mikhail Baryshnikov (Ussr)

Mikhail Baryshnikov was born into the family of a Soviet army officer in Riga. After graduation he began to study Ballet in Riga choreography school. In 1974, during the touring troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre in Canada received an invitation to American Ballet Theatre. In 1978 the year debuted in cinema, starring in the role of ballet stars in the film "the turning point"; was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor. In 2005 year opened at the 37th Street New York's Baryshnikov Arts Center.  In the early 2000 's was filmed in the popular tv series "sex and the city".

  1. Pamela Anderson (Canada)

Pamela Anderson was born in the town of Ladysmith, British Colombia. Her mother, Carol, worked as a waitress, and her father, Barry Anderson, was a master of servicing fireplaces. Father of Pamela Anderson have Finnish roots. Her great-great-grandmother was Russian, she emigrated from Russia to the Netherlands and thence to Canada. In 1985 year Pamela graduated from high school and went to physical education teacher in Vancouver. Once at one of the local football matches her captured close-up camera and shown on local television. After that, it drew the attention of the one Brewing Company, which her advertising contract. Since 1992 year began acting in the tv series "Baywatch", which became one of the sex symbols of United States.

  1. George Soros (Budapest)

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics and political science. In 1956 began the career of a financier. He arrived in New York at the invitation of his father London friend who had his small brokerage firm on Wall Street. 1992 year Soros earned more than a billion dollars a day. Soros started calling this day, known as "Black Wednesday" — "white Wednesday", and his most celebrated as the man who broke the Bank of England. Soros started charitable activities in education and research.

  1. Albert Einstein (Germany)

After the Nazis came to power in 1933 year physicist left Germany forever, having left for the United States of America. Soon in protest against the crimes of fascism he renounced the German citizenship and membership in the Prussian and Bavarian Academies of Sciences. After moving to United States Albert Einstein was appointed Professor of physics at the newly established Institute for fundamental research in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1940, he received American citizenship. Einstein in Princeton continued to work on the study of problems of cosmology and the creation of a unified field theory, which seeks to combine the theory of gravitation and electromagnetism.

  1. Ilon Musk (SOUTH AFRICA)

In 1992 year Ilon Mask finally realizes his dream of moving to the United States, receiving a scholarship to study at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1995 year, Elon Musk moved to California to get a doctorate, but in less than a week studying at Stanford University, as he decided to go into business after seeing how much around promising Internet startups. Your opinion about States successful businessman modernity expressed the legendary quote: "I'm uncannily betrayed America. I would come here from any country. United States is a place where great things are possible. "

They got it, and you will succeed!

E2 investor visa-for small investors

Today, many see the E2 visa c double (immigration and immigration not intentions) as an opportunity to move to the United States, because, according to their lawyers, brothers "for the cause" of relocation can be with minimum investments of $ -50th.

By the way, this possibility does not exist for all countries, but only for those with whom United States signed a bilateral agreement on trade, investment protection and navigation. Currently, such agreements are, in one form or another, signed between United States and the following States of the CIS and Baltic countries: Russia (not ratified), Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The agreement with the United States signed Israel, Canada, Australia and Germany.

This visa is not a direct path to a Green Card, however, allows you to live and develop their own project in the United States, and it can be relatively easy to extend. Many lawyers offer mechanisms for switching from E2 to continue obtaining Green Card (most commonly refers to the ability to vosopl′zovat′sâ existing opportunities to obtain green cards were already living in the United States, without waiting for this opportunity outside of America: How then, get a job, get married, get married to win the Green Card Lottery, etc.). However, many are satisfied with the opportunity to live in the United States, not being a citizen of the United States.

According to legislation, E2 is the ability to translate in the United States are also members of his family-wife and children up to 21 years. On the visa they will not be eligible to work in the United States, but again, on the ground can change the status of officially trudoustroivšis′, for example.

Below is the official list of requirements when applying for a visa E2.


1. There is a proper agreement.

2. Person and/or the nationality of the country with which the contract is concluded.

3. The applicant has carried out or is actively pursuing investment activities.

4. The company is really operating a business.

5. The applicant's investments have significant scale.

6. Investments exceed the minimum required to ensure life.

7. While in Office, the applicant has the right to develop and manage their business.

8. The applicant, if he is a worker, takes Executive/Managing position or has qualified to work in the United States of America.

9. The applicant plans to depart from the territory of the United States after the expiration of the visa E2.

Necessary documents:

1. The overall package of documents for obtaining visas for each applicant, including children.

2. View DS-156E.

3. Evidence of ownership and control of investment funds (bank statement, financial statements, loans, savings, etc.).

4. Evidence of transfers in the United States (Bank loans, transfers, foreign exchange permits, receipts, etc.).

6. Evidence of establishment of the company in the United States (certificate of incorporation, partnership agreement, organizational and staffing structure, shares, titles, contracts, receipts, license, lease, etc.).

7. Certificate of nationality of merchants (passport, certificate of registration of the parent company, stock kliringi, warehouse receipts, receipt of goods receipts, receipts, contracts, etc.).

8. Evidence of investment in the United States (titles, receipts, contracts, loans, bank statement, etc.).

9. Proof material situation (financial report, audit tax returns of the Corporation or company, etc.).

10. Evidence of break-even enterprise (payroll, IRS Form 941, personal tax returns, evidence of other personal property and income).

11. Evidence that the business is really effective enterprise (annual reports, catalogues, promotional literature, new products and other evidence that may be provided).

12. Autobiography of a visa recipient.

13. For spouse and children E2 visa holders-proof of kinship with the person (marriage certificate, original birth certificate of the child in the original, etc.).

 And of course, we simply must tell you about this

How to get a driver's license in the United States?

United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, which consists of megacities, which throbs with life 24 hours a day. At any time of the day, you're seeing a huge number of people and machines. It is difficult to imagine life without a car in this global community.

Travel and work with the car much easier. This will allow you to save time and to get to any part of the United States. All the more so for the US is affordable fun. Of course, you need a driver's license. In our article we will answer the questions: "how to get a driver's license? What organizations are responsible for it? Can I ride with international rights? ".

The Department of Motor Vehicles and Department Of Transportation engaged in registration of a driving licence in the United States. But these organizations are not Federal. You have to be prepared that the requirements and fines will vary from State to State.

5 steps to getting the rights:

  1. Pass theory. The theory test is not difficult, the rules are very simple, in order not to complicate the lives of road users.
  2. You must also check the vision.
  3. * There are also States where a lecture about drugs, alcohol and traffic safety, which will also need to write a test.
  4. Passing the theory you get student rights, issued for a few months to prepare for the practical exam. To use these rights, there are some limitations depending on the State (passenger, driving in the dark.)
  5. Practice. Practical exam for rent on your own car. Most pay attention to security and the ability to park.


With regard to International rights, the United States they operate for about a year, depending on the State.

Learn the rules and be careful on the roads!

You can also learn more about life and business in the United States at the seminar "How to relocate to the United States and start a business here?"


How to participate in the Green card lottery?

United States is a country of immigrants, each 5 American is an immigrant or descendant of an immigrant in 2 or 3 generation. The authorities of the United States supported the idea of multiculturalism in American society and one of the evidence for this is the "Green card Lottery".

Let's understand!

The green card is an identity card which allows you to legally live and work in the States. Green card lottery program Visa Lottery, which is held every year by the State Department of the United States and gives the right to become a resident of the United States.

To become a participant of the lottery, you must meet two conditions:

1. Be a citizen of one of the countries participating in the lottery.

2. have a high school degree or 2 years of experience.


One of the most important steps is the correct questionnaire and application photos according to the requirements of the Green card programme (online). Party profiles occurs at resource is completely free. Apply to participate in the draw must be from October to November the year 2016.

* photo application and requirements you will find on the official site of

STEP 2. The RESULTS of the

Each year, 1-3 may, the winner is determined by random. Each participant can check the results online at us site with a unique code.


If you win, you must pass an interview at the Embassy. To do this, you must fill in the online form DS-260. Form DS-260 is the site of Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC), then go to and click the "Submit Visa Application and Civil Documents". Statement by DS-260, you must bring the printed confirmation page with you to the interview. Embassy of the United States does not accept handwritten and typewritten statement.

* Be careful! There are fraudulent websites posing as representation of the lottery.

What you need to know about the present lottery:

1. the only official website is

2. registration in this lottery is free of charge.

3. the organizers of this lottery is not associated with the participants or by phone or email.

Learn more about life and business in the United States at the seminar "How to relocate to the United States and start a business here?"


Always warm, Ocean, beach, vacations, cheerful life and entertainment. is Florida, which everyone knows.

Many who also picks up Florida as State pensioners, and very little comes to mind to explore and understand the economic side of Florida as a State for business.

It is about the conditions for business in Florida and will be discussed in this publication from GrowGrow.

So, if Florida was a separate State, it would have ranked 19 in the world among all national economies. In the United States is this 4th on the economic potential of the State, and largest-even third. In addition, according to Tax Florida Fundation is 5-first State of America with the most attractive tax climate (there is no income tax and corporate profit tax is only 5.5%, which is 62% lower than in California, for example).

According to Fast Company, Florida is the No. 1 State for innovation, according to the rating of Business Facilities, this is the number one State for infrastructure, and according to the Chief Executive, it is the number one State for business. In addition, Florida State is no. 3 largest exports of high-tech products.

If you look at Florida in terms of international relations, it is worth noting that the size of the State's foreign trade is about $ 158 billion, to more than 5 million of the 19 million residents of the State of English is not the native language, and here 300 regional (or central to North and South America) to major international corporations. Every fifth American exporter (think about those numbers) calls Florida his "second home".

Thanks to the exclusive (and all growing) logistics capabilities, Florida is a kind of bridge between the United States and the rest of the world. Through its ports and airports, leaves in particular, 40% of all us exports to Latin America. (That's why, if you are considering opening a company in Florida, it is right to explore the possibilities of expanding into markets in Latin and South America. That and many famous brands.)


Think for the future? With Florida can be delivered to the nearby planet, here is two famous spaceport. And while you may well run out 19 commercial service airports, 15 deep-water ports, more than 20 thousand. km of high-speed tracks with perfect grip. And more than 15 thousand. km of railway track for the carriage of goods.

The key industrial sectors of Florida

This, of course, space and aviation, followed by biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, defence and security systems, production, information technology, financial and professional services, logistics and distribution, as well as clean technologies.

Florida State is no. 3 on the embedded IT. In the information technology sector employs 26 thousand. companies and over 265 thousand. specialists.

Medicine and biotechnology is a huge industry in Florida. There are 580 companies all sorts of devices and equipment for human health (State no. 2 in this direction in America), over 200 major pharmaceutical manufacturers (according to this index, Florida on 3-th place) and over 250 companies working in the direction of research and development (R&D) on biotechnologies (No. 8 place among u.s. States).

More than 2000 companies and 87th. specialists in Florida work in aviation and space industry, which in scope and level of development occupies the second position.

Continuation of topic should be. In the meantime, why not say "Florida is not as it seems?

Almost forgot, we also provide the opportunity to

Register a company in the United States is half the battle. What license do you need to work legally?

You have registered the company in the United States. What's next?
On a number of steps that will allow you to conduct business on behalf of your company, as well as to legally avoid some trouble when dealing with the United States market.

1) you need to get a business license

Business license is issued by the city or county level according to your company address (depending on the State in which you registered company).
Also, depending on the location of your company does license registration fee (payable annually).
If you plan to do business from home, you must make sure that the area in which you reside. zonirovan under doing business at home.
Even if you don't plan to take home their clients, but only use a home postal address for business purposes, you need to pay a license fee to the city.

2) State License

For some activities need a license of the State, be it any kind of professional services (lawyer, accountant, cosmetologist)
or even just providing services on kotraktu.
Registration at the State level, provides for the payment of your sales taxes and taxes on the use.

3) Federal licence

For specific types of businesses, which include regulation at the federal level (e.g., transportation, production of alcohol or tobacco products, cooking the meat products, the provision of investment tips) requires a federal license.
For more details about what types of activities are not possible without federal licenses, please visit the small business administration website (Small Business Administration)

4) DBA or fictitious company name

Verbatim DBA is Doing Business As (title), and you need it if you plan to do business under a different name than the name of your company. In order to get a fictitious company name and use it legally, you must fill out a form and submit it for consideration (together with paid by cheque for a fictitious company name registration service) in the body of the State or County (in Florida, for example, this is done at the State level).

5) EIN or Tax ID

EIN (Employer Identification Number), it's the same Tax ID number-a sort of "Social Security number" for your business. It identifies your business on government documents, and is necessary if you have a salaried staff are planned, whether you have korporaiû or partnership, file your tax reporting and offer all types of pension plans. Moreover, your EIN you will require your contractors.

6) certificate of legal capacity

Certificate of legal capacity Certificate of Good Standing is also known as a certificate of existence ("Certificate of Existence"), or authorization Certificate ("Certificate of Authorization").
This document shows that your company is subject to an authorisation to conduct business in the State in which it is registered (created), in accordance with the laws and regulations and as of the current date is able to pay all required payments to the State, and shiitake filed all the necessary paperwork to the organs of the State.
GrowGrow experts will help you go through all the stages of the path to establish and maintain the legal activities of your American company (in Florida). For More Details-Click Here.
Why company in United States and what tasks you can perform for the growth of your business, click here. 
Choose an LLC or Corporation, if the non-resident owner, read the next publication.


Mortgages for foreigners and nationals of CIS countries and Eastern Europe, in particular under the fantastic 4-5% per annum-Yes, it is a reality that continues to exist in the United States, and in South Florida, in particular. The initial fee for non-residents of the United States-by 30%. However, this is subject of a separate article. And the top brokerage firms in Miami looks like this (Yelp). Soon we also thoroughly describe which ones and under what conditions work with Europeans.


1. Quality One Mortgage 

12905 SW 42nd St
Miami, FL 33175
Phone number +1 (305) 228-7600

2. Alex Doce
1135 TownPark Ave
Miami, FL 33143
Phone number +1 (305) 900-2012

3. City First Mortgage Services, LLC
9700 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33156
Phone number +1 (305) 554-7698

4. Fembi Mortgage
9300 S Dadeland Blvd
Miami, FL 33156
Phone number +1 (305) 666-3333

5. Prospect Mortgage
121 Alhambra Plz
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone number (305) 330-3808

6. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
9100 S Dadeland Blvd
Miami, FL 33156
Phone number +1 (305) 671-1150

7. First Trust Capital
Little River, MiMo District
7100 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL 33138
Phone number +1 (305) 710-1261

8. Trust Lending
175 SW 7th St
Miami, FL 33130
Phone number +1 (786) 220-8595

9. Blandon Mortgages and Real Estate
13055 SW 42nd St
Miami, FL 33175
Phone number +1 (305) 220-5038

10. Re/Max Advance Realty
Serving Miami and the Surrounding Area
Phone number +1 (305) 444-7111

Find out more information about mortgages, as well as view real estate listings, you can program US Business Start


Florida is called the Sunny State, however, her second name could be something like “Nizkonalogovyj”. Firstly, Florida is the only State in the United States in the East of the country (East of Mississippi River), where there is no income tax (seven such States). Secondly, the sales tax here is almost at the level of the average American. Of course, there are some types of taxes, such as tax on gasoline or alcohol, which strongly higher compared with those in other States, but they don’t make “weather” If you posmatrivaete at Florida as a place to start their business in the United States or the founding of the American company.
As you already know, most likely taxes on corporations in the United States can be divided into three levels:
  1. Federal taxes
  2. State taxes
  3. Local taxes.
Federal taxes are the same for all corporations in all States in the United States. Taxes paid from the net profit. Income minus consumption = net profit.
These regulators business are States, whereas business regulation at the federal level to the minimum. Each State has its own corporate legislation which is often very different from State to State. And lawyers and Certified Accountants (CPA) are most often specialize in one particular State, but in order to legally work for each State they need to pass exams and get a license (which, again, applies to a specific State).
In this paper we will focus on the specifics of Florida taxes, without a goal to give comprehensive information, which, however, seems unlikely, given that United States tax law is pretty tough, about 11 thousand pages, each year there are changes (changing around 3% of normative documents regulating the payment of taxes).

Corporate income tax

Reporting thereon must file all corporations registered in Florida.
It is calculated using federal taxable income, which is modified under certain amendments of the State of Florida to determine confirmed federal income.
Corporations that conduct business outside the State can proportionally reduce the size of taxable income. To do this, use a special formula to calculate the percentage of the taxable income of the Corporation in addition to the earnings of the Corporation you must add your other nebiznesovye income in Florida.
In General, the taxable base for the calculation of corporate income tax can be reduced by $ 50.000. Further, 5.5% of this base and will be directly the size of this tax.
As we have already said, the personal income tax in Florida is not, which is one of the advantages of this State.

Sales tax 

Sales tax in Florida is 6%. In addition, some counties also collect own
trade taxes, which typically range from 0.5 to 1.5%, which means that actual sales taxes may be in some cities up to 7.5%. However, the average sales tax in Florida is 6.62%, Florida is located on the 29-th place among all States. It is also worth noting that at the urban level sales taxes in Florida no (which cannot be said of California, for example).
Although most consumer goods are subject to sales tax accrual, however, the majority of foodstuffs and medicines, by contrast, are not subject to tax data.
By the way, as in most States, in Florida you must also pay the so-called tax for use. This means that if you bought the product outside the State and have not paid tax for it when buying, you must declare it in the Department of Revenue in Florida (Sales and Use Tax Return).

Real estate tax

The average effective tax rate on property in Florida amounts to 1.1% of the market (estimated) value of the object. Largest state of the tax is on the 19-th place on the United States.
Real estate tax-is the only one who uplačaivaetsâ at the district level, which may vary depending on the location of your property. So, in the County of Miami-Dade County, for example, the effective tax rate-1.27% of the appraised value of the home. This means that, for example, if your home is valued at $ 300.000, each year you will need to pay with him $ 3.810 tax.

High taxes in Florida

Florida also collects a special tax on the use of the services of telephony, Internet and television. Tax is 9.17% of these consumer services pays 6.65%, else directly pays the service provider. Satellite communication services in Florida are subject to even greater tax-10.8%.
In addition, Florida has one of the highest in the United States on fuel tax rates. So state residents pay tax for each cent 36.42 a gallon of gasoline. Also high taxes on beer (9-th largest in United States) and alcohol (19-th largest in the United States). As far as this is critical to open company/doing business in this State for you-you decide.
By the way, with Florida year December 31, 2014 no inheritance tax, and this is what adds bonuses to this State.

Top 10 best places to invest in real estate in Florida

  1. Doral (Doral)

Doral is located in Northern Miami-Dade County. According to estimates by nerdwallet, Doral heads the ranking of the best cities for real estate investment in Florida, thanks to its relative affordability, low unemployment and high rates of population growth.   For three years, from 2010 to 2013, the population of the town increased by 14% (it moved to live 6 thousand new residents), as a consequence, the demand for real estate is growing.


  1. Bal Harbour (Bal Harbour)

Tiny town, where only 2 569 residents, with one side washed by the ocean, and on the other hand, the Bay of Biscayne, boasts the most rapid speed with which bought and sold real estate. And this despite the fact that among the 20 most attractive cities in Florida, he's on top of the cost of housing is the average price per square metre is approximately $ 3 660. Despite this, many buyers.


  1. Homestead (Homestead)

Centre Homsteda is located about 14 kilometers from the ocean, adjacent to the towns of Florida city and Leger. Homsteda size is 37.2 km ², of which 0.2 km ² occupy open water space. The city's Airport serves General Aviation Airport, located 7 kilometers. Through the city highway SR 997 and the Homestead Extension of the Florida's Turnpike. Homsteda from easy access to Biscayne National Parks and the Everglades.

The main feature of the town-the soaring property prices, 56% (!) of buildings increased its value over the last decade. However, prices are still one of the most acceptable in the region-$855/sq m on average.


  1. Miami Lakes (Miami Lakes)

Northern suburb of Miami, which, as of 2015, 2010. prroživaet 31 thousand. residents.

Despite the town's lack of access to the ocean, the majority (57%) housing has soared over the last decade, and the number of free falling lately. The average cost per square meter of houses here-$ 1636.


  1. Marianna (Marianna)

The town is located in Jackson County at the North Florida, without going to the ocean and Gulf. In it the cheapest property prices-only $ 656 per square meter. Also, in recent years the town has significantly gained in population količesstve 28% from 2010 to 2013 biennium.


  1. Hialeah Gardens (Haâlia Gardens)

City in Southeastern Florida, with access to the ocean and the number of guests more than 22 thousand. man. Real estate here is sold very quickly, allowing investors to turn their money fairly quickly.


  1. Aventura (Adventure)

The town is located in the North-East of the County of Miami-Dade County, with views of the ocean and the Bay, and the average price of residential property here is $ 2 443. The population of the town is constantly growing-with the 2010, 2011. increase of inhabitants amounted to 7.51%.


  1. Pinecrest

This small suburban town in the South of the County of Miami-Dade County in second place in our rating on real estate value-$ 2 895. Population growth is fairly modest-only 1.54 percent in recent years and the leaders of the city of duaût on its expansion.


  1. Cape Coral (Cape Coral)

This is a city in Lee (Lee County) with a population of 158 thousand. person, in which average real estate prices in third place for accessibility among the cities included in the rating of $ 1033. Actively discussed the future development of the city that have a positive impact on the growth of the value of the property.


  1. Winter Garden (Uinta Garden)

The only city in the ranking, which is located near Orlando. Increasing the number of naseledniâ, one of the lowest unemployment rates and real estate prices.