Today, many see the E2 visa c double (immigration and immigration not intentions) as an opportunity to move to the United States, because, according to their lawyers, brothers "for the cause" of relocation can be with minimum investments of $ -50th.

By the way, this possibility does not exist for all countries, but only for those with whom United States signed a bilateral agreement on trade, investment protection and navigation. Currently, such agreements are, in one form or another, signed between United States and the following States of the CIS and Baltic countries: Russia (not ratified), Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The agreement with the United States signed Israel, Canada, Australia and Germany.

This visa is not a direct path to a Green Card, however, allows you to live and develop their own project in the United States, and it can be relatively easy to extend. Many lawyers offer mechanisms for switching from E2 to continue obtaining Green Card (most commonly refers to the ability to vosopl′zovat′sâ existing opportunities to obtain green cards were already living in the United States, without waiting for this opportunity outside of America: How then, get a job, get married, get married to win the Green Card Lottery, etc.). However, many are satisfied with the opportunity to live in the United States, not being a citizen of the United States.

According to legislation, E2 is the ability to translate in the United States are also members of his family-wife and children up to 21 years. On the visa they will not be eligible to work in the United States, but again, on the ground can change the status of officially trudoustroivšis′, for example.

Below is the official list of requirements when applying for a visa E2.


1. There is a proper agreement.

2. Person and/or the nationality of the country with which the contract is concluded.

3. The applicant has carried out or is actively pursuing investment activities.

4. The company is really operating a business.

5. The applicant's investments have significant scale.

6. Investments exceed the minimum required to ensure life.

7. While in Office, the applicant has the right to develop and manage their business.

8. The applicant, if he is a worker, takes Executive/Managing position or has qualified to work in the United States of America.

9. The applicant plans to depart from the territory of the United States after the expiration of the visa E2.

Necessary documents:

1. The overall package of documents for obtaining visas for each applicant, including children.

2. View DS-156E.

3. Evidence of ownership and control of investment funds (bank statement, financial statements, loans, savings, etc.).

4. Evidence of transfers in the United States (Bank loans, transfers, foreign exchange permits, receipts, etc.).

6. Evidence of establishment of the company in the United States (certificate of incorporation, partnership agreement, organizational and staffing structure, shares, titles, contracts, receipts, license, lease, etc.).

7. Certificate of nationality of merchants (passport, certificate of registration of the parent company, stock kliringi, warehouse receipts, receipt of goods receipts, receipts, contracts, etc.).

8. Evidence of investment in the United States (titles, receipts, contracts, loans, bank statement, etc.).

9. Proof material situation (financial report, audit tax returns of the Corporation or company, etc.).

10. Evidence of break-even enterprise (payroll, IRS Form 941, personal tax returns, evidence of other personal property and income).

11. Evidence that the business is really effective enterprise (annual reports, catalogues, promotional literature, new products and other evidence that may be provided).

12. Autobiography of a visa recipient.

13. For spouse and children E2 visa holders-proof of kinship with the person (marriage certificate, original birth certificate of the child in the original, etc.).

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