You have registered the company in the United States. What's next?
On a number of steps that will allow you to conduct business on behalf of your company, as well as to legally avoid some trouble when dealing with the United States market.

1) you need to get a business license

Business license is issued by the city or county level according to your company address (depending on the State in which you registered company).
Also, depending on the location of your company does license registration fee (payable annually).
If you plan to do business from home, you must make sure that the area in which you reside. zonirovan under doing business at home.
Even if you don't plan to take home their clients, but only use a home postal address for business purposes, you need to pay a license fee to the city.

2) State License

For some activities need a license of the State, be it any kind of professional services (lawyer, accountant, cosmetologist)
or even just providing services on kotraktu.
Registration at the State level, provides for the payment of your sales taxes and taxes on the use.

3) Federal licence

For specific types of businesses, which include regulation at the federal level (e.g., transportation, production of alcohol or tobacco products, cooking the meat products, the provision of investment tips) requires a federal license.
For more details about what types of activities are not possible without federal licenses, please visit the small business administration website (Small Business Administration)

4) DBA or fictitious company name

Verbatim DBA is Doing Business As (title), and you need it if you plan to do business under a different name than the name of your company. In order to get a fictitious company name and use it legally, you must fill out a form and submit it for consideration (together with paid by cheque for a fictitious company name registration service) in the body of the State or County (in Florida, for example, this is done at the State level).

5) EIN or Tax ID

EIN (Employer Identification Number), it's the same Tax ID number-a sort of "Social Security number" for your business. It identifies your business on government documents, and is necessary if you have a salaried staff are planned, whether you have korporaiû or partnership, file your tax reporting and offer all types of pension plans. Moreover, your EIN you will require your contractors.

6) certificate of legal capacity

Certificate of legal capacity Certificate of Good Standing is also known as a certificate of existence ("Certificate of Existence"), or authorization Certificate ("Certificate of Authorization").
This document shows that your company is subject to an authorisation to conduct business in the State in which it is registered (created), in accordance with the laws and regulations and as of the current date is able to pay all required payments to the State, and shiitake filed all the necessary paperwork to the organs of the State.
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