In order to get a visa small investor E-2 or a work visa for top company Manager L-1, enough to buy a business for sale up to $150 000000 and good counsel. As we have informed, the E-2 nonimmigrant visa allows you to live in the United States for the whole family (husband, wife and unmarried/single children up to 21 years) just so much running the company, in which the family (Investor) has invested. In doing so, the investor's spouse and children can submit application form-apply for job opportunities.  However, the L-1 is a direct way to obtain a green card, and purchase the finished business allows you to greatly simplify the process of visa extension for a second year and get the status of a resident.
For example, Florida we demonstrate what kind of businesses for sale, can be the solution to the question of the legal move.
Before proceeding to the examination of existing proposals on the market, it should be noted that approximately 7 thousand businesses is at the stage of sale. Unlike the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS for sale objects go away pretty quickly — on average for 2-3 months. For liquid objects goes real hunting, and are often sold before they manage to get into any online database. In addition, the specificity of Florida — in high concentration of illiquid objects. According to the most conservative estimates, 30% of business brokers objects presented for sale on the Internet — are garbage.
Businesses up to $500.000 is businesses with 1-2 salaried professionals (or without employee). Often their main value is to rent space in a good location and accumulated customer base and/or presence of valuable contracts with suppliers. We strongly recommend you to audit selected object before closing the deal.  As well as an analysis of the possibility and the cost of creating such a business from scratch.
A separate issue is the financing of the purchase of the business for the account of the seller, often practiced (usually in larger businesses). For foreign investors is probably the only way to finance the purchase of business in the United States.
The buyer may offer its purchase conditions, should be provided in writing with justification.
Professional brokers reviews agree on more long-term support stage/training on free of charge by the seller than that offered in basic conditions.
Pay attention to the reason for selling a business is for reliable business, generating a good income, it must be really paying.
Location of your future business is directly related to your place of residence is in Florida, for example, it is not accepted to spend several hours every day on the road. It would be difficult to live in, say, Tampa, and ride every day on Miami Beach.  Therefore, the issue of buying a small business should be considered in relation to the place/city in which you would like to live and life style, which would like to maintain.

Documents you will need to deal when buying a business in the United States:

Is the confidentiality agreement.
You'll need to sign it before getting the opportunity to conduct an audit of the business in which you are interested.
Buyer profile.
In a number of businesses, the buyer is required to experience in this narrow field, while general business management experience will not be enough. You have no such experience, the seller of the business is not to continue the dialogue with you.
-Confirmation of availability of funds (for the purchase of the business).
Buying a business is preceded by the filing of the proposal on the part of the buyer, which is being developed in conjunction with a business broker. It is preceded by a discussion of the business with your immigration lawyer-first, it should check whether the business to obtain the selected category visa, secondly, advise on what conditions you should write in the counter-offer to the seller.
Proposal for the purchase of business shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by the introduction of 10% of the value of the business on the escrow account.
If the proposal is accepted by the seller, followed by the signing of the purchase agreement.
Closing the deal on purchase of business contains a number of nuances. In order to reduce their risks, be sure to use the services of a lawyer and accountant. Appreciate the time that you need to transfer money for payment under the contract, to avoid penalties. And continue to work with the seller after execution of the transaction, the transfer of business occurred smoothly.

1) Cafe-shop in Miami

Cost: $115, 000000

Cash flow: $60,000

Turnover: $350,000
EBITDA: $100,000
FF&E (hardware): $60,000
Transitional reserves: n/a
The business opened: 2014 g.
The shop is located on the central street of Collins Ave. and sells black and Red caviar, coffees and teas, spices and konditerku. Located on the Plaza with a high flow of visitors.
The facility is leased.
Equipment is included in the cost of business.
The cost of renting premises-$ 4,500/mth lease premises prior to the March 31, 2020, area is 900 sq. feet (or 84 sq.m.). Seller training buyer business free for 2 weeks.

2) gas station in Fort Lauderdale

Cost: $115, 000000

Transitional reserves: $35.000
Premises: rental $500/month for the next 2 years, then $1.000. Area-102 sq.m. Shop and 8 columns of gasoline and diesel under a canopy.
Sells an average of 120 thousand. a gallon of fuel per month with the Commission of 1 cent.
Also includes a Lotto machine shop, cash machine, and vacuum pump. Opportunities for business expansion, in particular, by opening sales finished take-away food, obnalichku cheques, Western Union, slot machines, etc.
Number of staff: 3 person
Support and training: 2 weeks
Reason for selling business: relocation of the seller.

3) Mobile painting and repair cars in Fort Myers

Cost: $80.000

Cache-flow: $49,800
Sales: $101,875
EBITDA: $31,452
FF&E (hardware): $19,100
Transitional reserves: $600
Business works with: 2004, 2011.
Mobile workshop, which has accumulated a number of loyal customers thanks to high quality of services provided. Kliantami are both companies and private individuals. Costs are minimal.
Number of staff: 1 person
Equipment: included in the price of business
Training: up to 6 weeks
Reason for selling: retirement.

4) a café-restaurant on the island of key West (Key West)

Cost: $129.000

Cafe on Duval Street, a famous tourist (Duval Street), across the road from the main attractions of the island, attracting tourists. In fact, Cafe take-away food format. Opened in 2015, 2010. and quickly became popular. Now it 26 seats, 12 of which are indoors, and 14-outside. Inexpensive service rental, recorded at 3 years.
Number of staff: 3 person
Equipment: included in price
Competition: directly opposite the beach, is the only Cafe on the street. In this case, is within walking distance and specializes in lobsterah, possibly expanding the range of menus to desserts and beer, sandwiches, etc.
Support and training: owner will assist throughout.
Reason for selling: other business owner in another State.


5) playground, a place for games and celebrations in Miami Lakes

Cost: $130, 000000

Transitional reserves: $1.000
FF&E (hardware): $100,000
Business works: from 2014 g.
A popular playground and place of children's parties, birthdays, parties, summer camps, clubs and after school classes inside a mall.
Good business to easily obtain E-2.
Transitional stocks not included in the price.
Real estate leased to October 31, 2017
Number of staff: 4 person.
Furniture and equipment is included in the price.
Area: 411 sq.m. costs $5,350/month.
Competition: the premium location, excellent reputation, safety for children. Fully equipped for children's games. Business present in social networks and has a beautiful Web site.
Growth and expansion: great potential for the development of its own programmes for children and adults, and at the expense of the celebrations catering.
Possible funding: $30.000.
Support and training: seller will educate and train the buyer and be at the heart of over 1 week. Staff is trained, friendly, behaves with visitors as family members. Licenses, insurance and permits easily transferred to the buyer.