Always warm, Ocean, beach, vacations, cheerful life and entertainment. is Florida, which everyone knows.

Many who also picks up Florida as State pensioners, and very little comes to mind to explore and understand the economic side of Florida as a State for business.

It is about the conditions for business in Florida and will be discussed in this publication from GrowGrow.

So, if Florida was a separate State, it would have ranked 19 in the world among all national economies. In the United States is this 4th on the economic potential of the State, and largest-even third. In addition, according to Tax Florida Fundation is 5-first State of America with the most attractive tax climate (there is no income tax and corporate profit tax is only 5.5%, which is 62% lower than in California, for example).

According to Fast Company, Florida is the No. 1 State for innovation, according to the rating of Business Facilities, this is the number one State for infrastructure, and according to the Chief Executive, it is the number one State for business. In addition, Florida State is no. 3 largest exports of high-tech products.

If you look at Florida in terms of international relations, it is worth noting that the size of the State's foreign trade is about $ 158 billion, to more than 5 million of the 19 million residents of the State of English is not the native language, and here 300 regional (or central to North and South America) to major international corporations. Every fifth American exporter (think about those numbers) calls Florida his "second home".

Thanks to the exclusive (and all growing) logistics capabilities, Florida is a kind of bridge between the United States and the rest of the world. Through its ports and airports, leaves in particular, 40% of all us exports to Latin America. (That's why, if you are considering opening a company in Florida, it is right to explore the possibilities of expanding into markets in Latin and South America. That and many famous brands.)


Think for the future? With Florida can be delivered to the nearby planet, here is two famous spaceport. And while you may well run out 19 commercial service airports, 15 deep-water ports, more than 20 thousand. km of high-speed tracks with perfect grip. And more than 15 thousand. km of railway track for the carriage of goods.

The key industrial sectors of Florida

This, of course, space and aviation, followed by biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, defence and security systems, production, information technology, financial and professional services, logistics and distribution, as well as clean technologies.

Florida State is no. 3 on the embedded IT. In the information technology sector employs 26 thousand. companies and over 265 thousand. specialists.

Medicine and biotechnology is a huge industry in Florida. There are 580 companies all sorts of devices and equipment for human health (State no. 2 in this direction in America), over 200 major pharmaceutical manufacturers (according to this index, Florida on 3-th place) and over 250 companies working in the direction of research and development (R&D) on biotechnologies (No. 8 place among u.s. States).

More than 2000 companies and 87th. specialists in Florida work in aviation and space industry, which in scope and level of development occupies the second position.

Continuation of topic should be. In the meantime, why not say "Florida is not as it seems?

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