Friends, today we would like to tell you about famous immigrants United States and reasons for their move. We will tell about the way ordinary people who were not afraid to move to the United States and became famous all over the world. Their examples to inspire and motivate, to move forward.

Let's get acquainted with them:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austria)

In September 1968 at the age of 21 years, Arnold comes to America. By his own admission, at the time, he owned a bad English, and spoke with a strong accent that caused him difficulty. According to Arnold, moving to the United States was his dream since 10 years. In the late 1960 's and early 1970 's he is in the country illegally, violating the conditions of his visa. He begins to deal at the Club, gold's Gym in Santa Monica, California, under the patronage of Joe Vader. In 1970 at the age of 23 years, WINS his first title "Mr. Olympia" in New York. In 1983 he received the citizenship of the United States, retains the citizenship of Austria.

For me, freedom of choice meant the arrival here in America. Because I come from a country where the state regulated economy, from a country where 18-year-old guys are already talking about retirement, but I, I wanted more. I wanted to be the best, but such individualism is incompatible with (European) socialism, so I decided that I need to go to America. I had no money, but freedom to earn. Placing a bet on their inflated muscle, I've managed to build a great business and career in film»

  1. Madeleine Albright (Czechoslovakia)

The first woman in the post of United States Secretary of State. Madeline was born in Prague, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia with his family emigrated to the United States, where her father, Madeleine was in the diplomatic service, taking up the post of Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.  In 1957 year Madeleine received American citizenship.  Graduated from Velleslejskogo University, Faculty of political science and the Columbia University School of law. Then Albright started her political career: Democratic Party activist, United States Assistant of Senator Edmund Muskie, a member of the National Security Council under President Carter, Adviser to Bill Clinton and the first woman in the post of United States Secretary of State.

  1. Charlize Theron (South Africa)

American model and actress. At the age of 16 years on the Council and the mother's insistence, She participated in a competition of models and it came out the winner.  Charlize has traveled all over Europe, and then went to New York, and decided to finally settle. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but due to a knee injury, had to complete a dancing career. Charlize the most afraid to go back to Africa, she decided to go to Miami, where she worked as a model. Later she began to make a career in Hollywood, which resulted in success. Theron first born in Africa was awarded an Academy Award for the title role.

  1. Rupert Murdoch (Australia)

Started business in Australia (the newspaper "The Daily Mirror", "The Australian"). In the year 1968 on mediarynki uk, then United States where purchased or created from scratch publications related to the yellow press and enjoyed great success with the public. In 1979 he founded "News Corporation", which includes all owned by Mërdoku company. In the year 1985, Murdoch bought the film company 20th Century Fox, and in the same year, he received American citizenship. Bought up several broadcasters in the United States, combining them in Fox Broadcasting, and in 1996 founded the Fox News channel. According to Forbes, in 2012 year 106 occupies the first position in the list of the richest people in the world with a fortune of 8.3 billion United States dollars.

  1. Mikhail Baryshnikov (Ussr)

Mikhail Baryshnikov was born into the family of a Soviet army officer in Riga. After graduation he began to study Ballet in Riga choreography school. In 1974, during the touring troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre in Canada received an invitation to American Ballet Theatre. In 1978 the year debuted in cinema, starring in the role of ballet stars in the film "the turning point"; was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor. In 2005 year opened at the 37th Street New York's Baryshnikov Arts Center.  In the early 2000 's was filmed in the popular tv series "sex and the city".

  1. Pamela Anderson (Canada)

Pamela Anderson was born in the town of Ladysmith, British Colombia. Her mother, Carol, worked as a waitress, and her father, Barry Anderson, was a master of servicing fireplaces. Father of Pamela Anderson have Finnish roots. Her great-great-grandmother was Russian, she emigrated from Russia to the Netherlands and thence to Canada. In 1985 year Pamela graduated from high school and went to physical education teacher in Vancouver. Once at one of the local football matches her captured close-up camera and shown on local television. After that, it drew the attention of the one Brewing Company, which her advertising contract. Since 1992 year began acting in the tv series "Baywatch", which became one of the sex symbols of United States.

  1. George Soros (Budapest)

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics and political science. In 1956 began the career of a financier. He arrived in New York at the invitation of his father London friend who had his small brokerage firm on Wall Street. 1992 year Soros earned more than a billion dollars a day. Soros started calling this day, known as "Black Wednesday" — "white Wednesday", and his most celebrated as the man who broke the Bank of England. Soros started charitable activities in education and research.

  1. Albert Einstein (Germany)

After the Nazis came to power in 1933 year physicist left Germany forever, having left for the United States of America. Soon in protest against the crimes of fascism he renounced the German citizenship and membership in the Prussian and Bavarian Academies of Sciences. After moving to United States Albert Einstein was appointed Professor of physics at the newly established Institute for fundamental research in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1940, he received American citizenship. Einstein in Princeton continued to work on the study of problems of cosmology and the creation of a unified field theory, which seeks to combine the theory of gravitation and electromagnetism.

  1. Ilon Musk (SOUTH AFRICA)

In 1992 year Ilon Mask finally realizes his dream of moving to the United States, receiving a scholarship to study at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1995 year, Elon Musk moved to California to get a doctorate, but in less than a week studying at Stanford University, as he decided to go into business after seeing how much around promising Internet startups. Your opinion about States successful businessman modernity expressed the legendary quote: "I'm uncannily betrayed America. I would come here from any country. United States is a place where great things are possible. "

They got it, and you will succeed!